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Open access and the future of scholarly communication : policy and infrastructure

Includes bibliographical references and index.; Extending the principles and promise of scholarly communications reform : a chronicle and future glimpse / Joyce L. Ogburn -- Making the case for open access -- "Free" to all : the role of the academic librarian in institutional open access initiatives / Dusty Folds -- Making a virtue out of necessity : using budget cut discussions to promote scholarly communication reform / Jeanne Pavy -- Open access and closed minds : collaborating across campus to educate faculty about changing scholarly communication models / Elizabeth Price, Leslie Engelson, Jeffrey Henry, Rebecca Richardson, Candace Vance -- When we're done with it, we don't care what happens to it : what open access practitioners can learn from Deadheads / Scott Carlson, Shannon Kipphut-Smith -- Agents of diversity and social justice : librarians, institutional repositories and library publishing / Charlotte Roh, Harrison W. Inefuku -- Opportunities through open access : a small liberal arts college perspective / Anne Erdmann, Jeremy Shaw-Munderback -- The library as publisher -- Navigating the political waters of open access publishing in libraries / Carol Ann Borchert, Charlene N. Simser, Wendy C. Robertson -- Infrastructure for open access : mechanics, economics, politics / Mark Mattson, Sarah Pickle, Andrew Gearhart, James O'Sullivan -- The ethics and evolution of library information sharing : lessons from interlibrary loan services to open access publishing / Beth Posner -- Open access, digital preservation, and the changing scholarly record / Heidi Dowding -- Developing new publishing service model at an undergraduate college : library as open access textbook publisher / Kate Pitcher -- Metadata standards for open access repositories / Thomas Adamich -- Research management : the next step for open access / Shawn Martin.;

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