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Chindia :how China and India are revolutionizing global business | Perpustakaan Pusat

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Chindia :how China and India are revolutionizing global business

Includes bibliographical references (p. 367-373) and index.; Introduction -- Investment -- Market power -- Industry strengths -- Business culture -- Social challenges -- The rise of Chindia -- A new world economy -- Crouching tigers, hidden dragons -- Why India may be destined to overtake China -- What's next for China's miracle -- The new global paradigm -- The new global job shift -- The rise of India -- The way, way back office -- For India's tech grads, there's no place like home -- The China price -- A tale of two furniture makers -- Sucking the life out of Hoover -- Dipping a yankee toe in China -- India: an agent of change -- The new corporate model -- Asking the right questions -- Taking a page from Toyota's playbook -- Ratan Tata: no one's doubting now -- The state's long apron strings -- China's power brands -- China's free range cash cow -- TCL Multimedia's global agenda -- "Survivor of the fittest: at China Netcom -- Who's got performance -- The new megamarketsIt's getting hotter in the east -- A thousand Chinese desires bloom -- China: Go west, westerners -- GM and Vw: how not to succeed in China -- China: let a thousand brands bloom -- Sitting pretty in Shanghai -- India's new worldly women -- Getting the best to the masses -- GE's Indian adventure -- How Cummins does it -- The leap ahead -- A new lab partner for the U.S? -- High tech in China: is it a threat to Silicon Valley -- China ramps ups -- Scrambling up the development ladder -- India and Silicon Valley: now the R&D flows both ways -- IBM's passage to India -- A brain trust in Bangalore -- The financial challenge -- The great bank overhaul -- Betting on China's banks -- Tiny loans, high finance -- India: who wants to build some roads -- Private equity pours into india -- China's boures: stock markets or casinos? -- China is a private-sector economy -- The education challenge -- Trying to tme the blackboard jungle -- No peasant left behind -- India's whiz kids -- India: big brains on campus -- The other MIT -- The seeds of the next Silicon Valley -- A whole new school of thought -- Making waves in Guangdong -- The social agenda -- Waking up to their rights -- Hard labor in Guangdong -- A blacklisted labor leader speaks out -- Breakdown -- India's untold story -- The digital village -- The great wail of China -- China's ecological and energy challenge -- A big, dirty growth engine -- The greening of China -- Winds of change in Inner Mongolia -- A big green opportunity in China -- A courageous voice for a greener China -- Asia's great oil hunt -- How a thirst for energy led to a thaw -- The new competitive challenge -- Shaking up trade trade theory -- Fakes! -- Did Spark spark a copycat? -- Software: will outsourcing hurt America's supremacy? -- Jobs that could swim offshore -- Does it matter if China catches up to the U.S.? -- America's new competition -- How to level the playingfield.;

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New York : : McGraw-Hill.,
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