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Sweet spot :how to maximize marketing for business growth | Perpustakaan Pusat

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Sweet spot :how to maximize marketing for business growth

Includes bibliographical references (p. 232-233) and index.; Marketing needs to change. To get a sense of marketing the way it should be, you need to understand how companies get into the sweet spots of the business world -- Marketing, sweet marketing : my journey, so far, has taken place on different continents; but it has also been a journey of finding a new way to think about marketing -- Sweet spotting : it's an elite league. Sweet spot companies come in an array of different sizes and come armed with their own uniquely sweet recipes -- The qualifying rounds : what's the game about? Sweet spotters move the market, become an alluring investment, outdate to innovate, create a boffo buzz, court competition, and exude z-leadership! -- Growing around in circles : and then there's the big picture: understanding growth and the concept of full-circle marketing. The root of your growth strategy begins here -- How do you get into a sweet spot? You develop the right skills, marketing skills. You have to mine minds, demarcate demand, turn your logo into an icon, mobilize champions-in-chief, and employ advocates, not workers -- Mining minds : sweet spot skill #1: Learn to march to the beat of the buyer. To do that, you have to do more than love the customer: you have to think the way he thinks and grow the way she grows -- Demarcating demand : sweet spot skill #2: avoid "everybody" traps; they'll lead you where everyone else is heading. Reinvent your market. Link your seller specs to the buyer's specs, then add a tad more. Build competitive moats -- From logo to icon : sweet spot skill #3: Brands are the heart and soul of sweet spot companies. At its peak, your brand becomes a product generator and value creator. This does not happen by accident. Brands must be created and nurtured; brands must be built to move from logo to icon -- Champions-in-chief : sweet spot skill #4: make your top executives the first new members of the marketing department. It's a good thing if your C-suite residents become overtly identified with your company's product line. Are your top executives on a campaign? -- Employ advocates, not workers : sweet spot skill #5: Market from the inside out! don't sleep easy until all your employees are on the sales team. How to start? Create employee heroes. Most importantly, listen untill it hurts -- The stuff that marketing is made of -- When the going gets tough, the tough keep marketing. Goals are important. Skills are critical. Now, let's check your attitude.;

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Hoboken, N.J. : : John Wiley & Sons.,
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xviii, 238 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
9780470051436 (cloth
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