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Toward a 21st century health system :the contributions and promise of prepaid group practice | Perpustakaan Pusat

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Toward a 21st century health system :the contributions and promise of prepaid group practice

Includes bibliographical references and index.; Prepaid groups and organized delivery systems: promise, performance, and potential / Stephen M. Shortell, Julie Schmittdiel -- Systems and results: the basis for quality care in prepaid group practice / Donald M. Berwick, Sachin H. Jain -- The clinical and economic performance of prepaid group practice / Kenneth H. Chuang, Harold S. Luft, R. Adams Dudley -- Prepaid group practice and health care policy / Jon B. Christianson, George Avery -- Technology assessment, deployment, and implementation in prepaid group practice / David M. Eddy -- Managing the pharmacy benefit in prepaid group practice / William H. Campbell, Richard E. Johnson, Sharon L. Levine -- Prepaid group practice and medical workforce policy / Jonathan P. Weiner -- Prepaid group practice and health care research / Raymond Fink, Merwyn R. Greenlick -- Physician leadership: group responsibility as key to accountability in medicine / Francis J. Crosson, Allan J. Weiland, Robert A. Berenson --; The limits of prepaid group practice / James C. Robinson -- The relationship between prepaid group practice and the employer community / Helen Darling -- Open the markets and level the playing field / Alain C. Enthoven -- Epilogue: Prepaid group practice and computerized caregiver support tools / George C. Halvorson.;

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